What is Balayage?




Balayage (also known as "hair painting") comes from the French word "balayer" meaning "to sweep". Traditional balayage utilizes a sweeping motion to apply lightener on the surface of the hair and is processed in open air. This method produces a natural sun kissed glow. Painting allows for a seamless grow out, customized placement, and if done correctly is more gentle to the hair. Today, balayage has been adapted in many different ways. Some stylists now incubate their balayage in saran wrap, some stylists use foils. Some stylists paint not only the surface of the hair but underneath each section as well. Balayage can be utilized for all different types of looks, styles, and colors, on all different types of hair. Your stylist will ask you for inspiration photos, talk to you about your hair, and decide what technique and approach is best for you, your hair, and your lifestyle. ♥

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